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ADAS for Everyone. What?

Insight Autonomy: Advanced Driver Assistance for Everyone

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have the power to make our roads safer by alerting drivers to dangers they may encounter on roadways, and help them take corrective action. Insight Autonomy understands the importance of ADAS to help improve safety on our roadways, which is why we created our “ADAS For Everyone” solution. If you have a smartphone, you have ADAS. With Insight Autonomy’s ADAS offering, drivers will have access to a suite of features to help keep them safe on the road.
At launch, Insight Autonomy’s ADAS capabilities will include:
• Collision Avoidance Features
• Dash Cam
• Lane Keeping
• Speed Warning
• Traffic Sign Recognition
As Insight Autonomy continues to innovate, we will be bringing ever greater advancements to our ADAS For Everyone platform.

City Insight

City Insight

Insight Autonomy offers a suite of solutions to help municipalities discover, inventory, and track roadway defects and hazards in real time. By equipping a city’s fleet of maintenance vehicles (or any city vehicle) with Insight Autonomy’s City Insight recognition software, the Street Maintenance Manger will have the data needed to better serve roadway users.
At launch, Insight Autonomy’s City Insight solution will include recognition and geotagging for:
• Burned out/failing street lamps
• Obstructed roadway signs
• Potholes/failing road surfaces
• Roadway marking deterioration
• Vegetation overgrowth
By employing Insight Autonomy’s City Insight solution, municipalities will have access to a powerful recognition tool that can help identify roadways that need attention. By recognizing and cataloging roadway problems in real time, cities will be able to correct defects faster, keeping roadway users as safe as possible.

Teen Safe Driving

Teen Safe Driving

Insight Autonomy offers a teen safe driving platform that can be monitored and will alert parents to risky driving behavior.

At launch, Insight Autonomy’s Teen Safe Driving Platform will include:
• Acceleration Monitoring
• Dash Cam
• Excessive Lane Departure Monitoring
• Hard Braking Monitor
• Speed Monitoring

Parents can opt into alerts that tell them when their teen is not driving safely, in real time. As well, parents will be empowered to monitor for risky driving behaviors overtime and take action as needed. With the help of Insight Autonomy, teen drivers will become safer for everyone on the road.

Our Team

Zikomo Fields Founder / CEO
Father, husband, giant nerd. Zikomo has literally been coding since he was 5 years old. His father had this crazy idea that personal computers were going to be important way back in 1983. Zikomo even remembers singing a song every time they typed a quotation mark. At the urging of his friend and dormmate he ended up working for a company transitioning their film cameras to digital and two decades later he's still driven by all things machine vision. It’s his passion.
Jason Buck Co-founder / COO
Jason Buck has dedicated his career to public policy and
personal investment for over 20 years. He worked in government affairs from 2005-2012, serving on Capitol Hill, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. He's dedicated to improving the lives of others through legislative advocacy and personal investment strategy, growing a small family portfolio into a multi-million dollar business that supported his educational endeavors and his mother's decade-long battle with MS. He has a Masters of Public Policy (2014) and a Masters of Business Administration (2017) from the University of Minnesota. Jason has experience running multiple starts-up in the Twin Cities metro area and is an active partner in a local real estate investment group.

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