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Unlock Advanced Safety Features

Experience the power of next-generation ADAS with Insight Auto. Our app transforms your smartphone into a sophisticated driving assistant, providing collision warnings, lane departure alerts, and more – ensuring a safer journey for every driver.”

Join the Movement for Equitable Technology

We’re on a mission to make cutting-edge ADAS technology accessible to everyone, regardless of their vehicle’s make or model. By choosing Insight Auto, you’re contributing to a more inclusive future for autonomous driving innovations.

Contribute to Safer Roads

Your driving data matters. With your consent, help us train better ADAS and autonomous vehicle models, creating a safer driving environment for everyone. Together, we can reduce accidents and save lives on the road.

Our Team

Zikomo Fields Founder
Zikomo Fields, the innovative founder of Insight Autonomy, embarked on his technological journey at just 5 years old when his father introduced him to coding. This early passion for technology evolved into a successful career in machine perception and learning, with key positions in companies like Truepic, Garmin International, and ANT Group. Throughout his career, Zikomo has demonstrated exceptional expertise in machine vision, sensor bring up, and sensor signal processing, earning numerous patents along the way.

While working at Garmin (a first tier automotive supplier) Zikomo identified a need for advanced ADAS features that catered to everyday people. Inspired by this unmet need, he founded Insight Autonomy to create the Insight Auto app, which provides accessible advanced ADAS features for ordinary drivers. As a literal life long programmer, patent holder, and entrepreneur, Zikomo Fields is committed to empowering individuals with innovative solutions and transforming the future of automotive safety and user experience.
Jason Buck Co-founder

Jason Buck has dedicated his career to public policy and personal investment for over 20 years. He worked in government affairs from 2005-2012, serving on Capitol Hill, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

He's dedicated to improving the lives of others through legislative advocacy and personal investment strategy, growing a small family portfolio into a multi-million dollar business that supported his educational endeavors and his mother's decade-long battle with MS. He has a Masters of Public Policy (2014) and a Masters of Business Administration (2017) from the University of Minnesota. Jason has experience running multiple starts-up in the Twin Cities metro area and is an active partner in a local real estate investment group.

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