Jason Buck pitching during BETA Spring '23 Cohort Demo Day

The Insight Autonomy team recently had the privilege of joining the BETA.MN Spring ’23 Cohort Accelerator. Over the course of four months, our team was immersed in a rich curriculum that covered every aspect of Start-up life; from building a business model using the Lean Canvas method, to pitching prospective investors and customers, to homing in on the best sales process for our respective products. In addition to learning about the technical aspects of running a startup, the cohort also focused on building a strong company culture. Our team learned about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace; and cohort companies developed strategies for creating a culture that is welcoming and inclusive to all employees.


Spring ’23 Showcase

The Spring ’23 Showcase was an amazing night that brought together the biggest boosters of the Minnesota Start-up community. The 18 companies in the cohort had the opportunity to demo our products and services in front of investors, potential customers, and the general public. The event was attended by over 600 people and our team was able to make valuable connections and we received great feedback on ways to improve our product.

Mentor Meetup Happy Hour

The Spring ’23 Cohort also had the opportunity to participate in a Mentor Meetup Happy Hour. This event was a chance for the cohort members to meet with potential mentors one-on-one and get personalized feedback on our businesses while forming lasting relationships.

The Mentor Meetup Day was a great way for cohort members to connect with mentors and to get the support we need to grow our businesses. Insight Autonomy is grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event and are excited to work with our mentors into the future.

Spring ’23 Demo Day

The Spring ’23 Demo Day was the culmination of the Spring ’23 Cohort. All 18 companies in the cohort had the opportunity to pitch their businesses in front of over 200 people. The event was exciting for Insight Autonomy as it was our first public pitch! We loved the experience and are thankful for all the help BETA provided leading up to this closing event.

A Special Thank You

The Insight Autonomy team would like to extend a special thank you to:

  • Cihan Behlivan, the Entrepreneur in Residence and now acting Executive Director of BETA who led the cohort
  • The Twin Ignition team of Scott Aubitz, Seth Peter, and Ben Rasmussen for graciously allowing our cohort to use their co-working space for programing
  • The 17 other cohort companies that offered support, knowledge, and free therapy
  • All the mentors who provided their expertise and guidance to the cohort
  • The speakers/educators throughout the cohort that lent their knowledge on all aspects of running a startup

The Spring ’23 Cohort was a smashing success. The founders in the cohort gained a deep understanding of how to grow and scale our businesses and we made valuable connections with mentors and investors along the way. We are all better positioned to thrive and grow into the future. We at Insight Autonomy are grateful for the support of fellow cohort companies and all the people and organizations that lent their talents and insights. Thank You!