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Silicon Valley and Big Auto are Missing One Vital Component

A few years ago a startup I was working for was acquired by a super massive payments platform in China. I never truly appreciated the power of large AI training... Read More

Insight Autonomy Takes on CES 2024 with the USPTO in Eureka Park

Exciting News from Insight Autonomy! We’re thrilled to announce that Insight Autonomy has been invited to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, one of the most prestigious technology... Read More

BETA Accelerator Wrap-up

The Insight Autonomy team recently had the privilege of joining the BETA.MN Spring ’23 Cohort Accelerator. Over the course of four months, our team was immersed in a rich curriculum... Read More

Democratizing Automotive Data Collection: The Ethical Path to Safer ADAS and Privacy Preservation

At Insight Autonomy, our mission is to create next-generation ADAS and autonomous vehicle components by leveraging the power of collective, user-generated driving data. We believe in democratizing this process to... Read More

An Unforgettable Night at the BetaMN Spring 2023 Cohort Showcase

Last Thursday night, Insight Autonomy had the honor of participating in the BetaMN Spring 2023 Cohort Showcase. The energy in the room was electric as our team – Brand Ambassadors... Read More

City Insight

Insight Autonomy offers a suite of solutions to help municipalities discover, inventory, and track roadway defects and hazards in real time. By equipping a city’s fleet of maintenance vehicles (or... Read More

Keeping Teen Drivers Safe

Every parent knows when their teen driver hits the road, risky behavior may be tagging along for the ride. According to the CDC, teen drivers aged 16-19 are nearly three... Read More