Every parent knows when their teen driver hits the road, risky behavior may be tagging along for the ride. According to the CDC, teen drivers aged 16-19 are nearly three times as likely as drivers aged 20 or older to be involved in a fatal crash. As well, newly licensed 16-year-old drivers have a crash rate that is 1.5 times higher than 18- and 19-year-olds. When taking gender into account, male teen drivers have a death rate two times higher than females of the same age group. There are many causes for why teens are the riskiest drivers on our roads, but the most common factors point to inexperience, distracted driving, and speeding.

Teen’s lack of experience when compared to older drivers leads them to underestimate road hazards and not be able to recognize dangerous situations. This lack of experience also leads teens to make critical decision errors that can lead to serious crashes.

Distracted driving has a negative effect on all drivers no matter their age, but distracted driving is even more acute for teens. In 2019, the national Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that among US High School students 39% had texted, updated social media, or emailed while driving at least once in the last 30 days.

Teen’s speeding, and not allowing enough following distance between their vehicle and the one in front of them, is a major cause of fatal accidents. The CDC reports that in 2019, 31% of male teen drivers and 17% of female teen drivers who were involved in fatal crashes were speeding. So, what can be done to help improve the safety of teens on the road?

Insight Autonomy offers a teen safe driving platform that can be monitored and alerts parents to risky driving behavior.

At launch, Insight Autonomy’s Teen Safe Driving Platform will include:

  • Acceleration Monitoring
  • Dash Cam
  • Excessive Lane Departure Monitoring
  • Hard Braking Monitor
  • Speed Monitoring

Parents can opt into alerts that tell them when their teen is not driving safely, in real time. As well, parents will be empowered to monitor for risky driving behaviors overtime and take action as needed. With the help of Insight Autonomy, teen drivers will become safer for everyone on the road.